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Certificate Program

Fashion & Sustainability

Discover the Fashion Industry's path towards Sustainability

February 2024 | Online + OnSite | 18 Modules


Why a course on Fashion & Sustainability Management?

Sustainable fashion is a highly concerning matter that must be addressed immediately.

What does the term actually mean?


Fashion companies are not only striving to become sustainable in order to save the planet and respect communities, but also to meet more savvy consumer demands.

Behind oil, fashion is the second largest cause of the ongoing pollution crisis. Embracing sustainable practices within the supply chain and among consumers is crucial to saving the planet.


To face this challenge, a fusion of science, technology and design is needed to create new practices and train new leaders that will guide the industry towards the future.

What you will learn

By participating in 18 Modules taught by top-industry experts and leaders, you will:

  • Garner a better understanding of what sustainable fashion actually means in a modern age;

  • Study and understand the policies and revolutionary practices already in use in the market;

  • Learn how companies can implement sustainable practices in everyday life and influence others;

  • Actively develop your own sustainable business ideas.

Who is it for

Fashion designers and managers

who want to develop a sustainable approach and integrate sustainability in their business

Sustainability enthusiasts and recent graduates

who want to approach the world of fashion business for the first time or who wish to apply their knowledge to a specific sector

Young professionals and start-up founders

who want to start a journey to learn about the main sustainability issues in the fashion industry

The "Fashion & Sustainability Management" Certificate Program is designed for individuals working in fashion, design enthusiasts, aspiring managers, and those with an interest in sustainable fashion.


The course will provide unique opportunities for networking and partnership through a fun and collaborative learning environment.

A chi è rivolto

Learning Program


Distance Learning

Modules will run live every week on our Digital Campus


The Certificate Program will begin in February 2024 and end in June 2024


70 total hours, with 50 hours of didactic teaching and 20 hours of individual and group work


At the end of each Certificate Program, a workshop will be held by a Michael Page recruiter. It includes coaching activities focused on improving the skills needed in your given market. Experts will introduce you to the correct creation of a Curriculum Vitae and will show you a short guide on how to approach job interviews.

Challenge Based Learning

This Certificate Program adopts the Challenge Based Learning approach

Traditional learning methods are typically influenced by various aspects that are not always engaging in a multilevel classroom. This is why EIIS adopts Challenge Based Learning, a learning methodology that starts from a real problem and engages participants to solve a challenge.

The challenge stimulates the process of sharing new ideas, applying one's personal strengths in a collaborative environment which as a result makes learning fun and inspiring.


Fashion & Sustainability Management  
The Experience

Gain a deeper understanding of sustainability in fashion outside of the classroom via an unforgettable on-site learning experience in Milan.


Useful info

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How to apply

Read this brochure to discover all the details about the program

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Book a free call with our Admissions Team for any concern


Fill out the application form


Get feedback from our Scientific Committee


Become part of EIIS

Come Candidarsi

Are you the right candidate for this course?

Let's find out together! Book a call with our Admissions Team. We will be happy to answer any of your questions.


Attending the "Fashion & Sustainability Management" Certificate Program will allow you to be part of an international community of fashion lovers that includes students from the various editions of the course and our experts.

The interaction and continuous exchange of ideas can lead to exciting personal

and professional opportunities.


Be engaged in our EIIS Cafes!

We have created dedicated moments where participants of the course can share thoughts, experiences and opinions. An informal way to get to know each other and get closer to other passionate individuals who cherish the same topics, interests and knowledge. 

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Committment to the SDGs

EIIS is committed to achieving the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set out in the United Nations 2030 Agenda.


Through the "Fashion & Sustainability Management" Certificate Program you can learn how to contribute to the achievement of the following goals:


Fashion & Sustainability

Our Journey 


Welcome to

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The European Institute of Innovation for Sustainability (EIIS) is an academic company that designs innovative solutions for companies, academia, institutions and entrepreneurs to facilitate and foster innovation for sustainability.

In EIIS people connect to reach environmental, social and economic sustainability, through education, research, continuous experimentation. At EIIS, there are no professors or students, only people interested in ensuring that learning is no longer the result of a passive process, but an engaging activity defined by continuous interaction. 

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