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Certificate Program

Food & Sustainability

Learn about Food beyond taste and work on a global challenge

October 2024 | Online + OnSite | 20 Modules


Why a course on Food Sustainability?

The food sector is undergoing a profound cultural revolution. 

Food sustainability is one of the most critical challenges of our time. Almost 700 million people go hungry while nearly three times as many are overweight or obese. At the same time, tons of food are wasted every day.


The way we grow, distribute, and consume food has a tremendous impact on our health and that of our Planet. Fixing the broken food system is not just the right thing to do. It is what people – consumers – increasingly want.

What you will learn

Food courses tend to focus on gastronomy, culinary management, and hospitality. While the joy of food is fundamental, what lies behind the production, distribution, and consumption of what we eat is far more important for our future. Food systems are in some way linked to all the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) the world should focus on to improve the well-being of people and the Planet.


The course covers all the main aspects related to food: from sustainable agriculture to nutritional challenges, food policy, food education, and many more. A specific focus will be given to solutions: fixing the paradoxes affecting food systems will be the purpose guiding us throughout our journey.


This is what makes our certificate program unique.

The possibility to immediately apply your learnings to concrete, real-life problems. You will get the chance to learn about scientific evidence, management practices and policy options to safeguard our health and Planet, while expanding your network and creating new opportunities.

Who is it for

The "Food & Sustainability" Certificate Program is designed to help shape the future leaders of Food, regardless of their background, by providing them with the necessary tools to analyze the food system, understand its complexity and develop solutions to concretely fix it.


Our aim is to provide a comprehensive base for a deeper understanding of the food ecosystem, giving you the tools and insights to perform better at work or shift careers - and hopefully make you a better person along the way.


At the same time, the course will provide strong networking and partnership opportunities - and, of course, loads of fun and inspiration.

People passionate about culinary and hospitality excellence

looking to integrate sustainability into their business to ensure that food does more than just taste good.

Recent graduates and young professionals

willing to explore the many challenges and opportunities within the rapidly-changing food sector.

Experienced professionals

already active in the food sector, but seeking to integrate sustainability into their everyday work, or who are willing to enter the food sector from a completely different field.

and International Organization officials

looking for outside-the-box inspiration from others tackling food sustainability challenges.

A chi è rivolto

Learning Program

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Distance Learning

Modules will run both live and asynchronously each week on our digital campus.


The certificate program will start in October 2024, and will end in January 2025.


80 total hours, of which 30 hours of didactic and 50 hours of individual and group work.


Challenge-Based Learning

Traditional learning methods are typically influenced by various aspects that are not always engaging in a multilevel classroom. This is why EIIS adopts Challenge Based Learning, a learning methodology that starts from a real problem and engages participants to solve a challenge.

The challenge stimulates the process of sharing new ideas, applying one's personal strengths in a collaborative environment which as a result makes learning fun and inspiring.


Food & Sustainability

On Site

An unforgettable journey through innovation for sustainability among Italian and global excellences.

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